Calliopi Beku

Calliopi Beku is a visual artist and filmmaker, based in Athens, Greece. She studied Economics at University of West Attica and Sculpture in Athens School of Fine Arts.

She makes films, photography, sculpture and drawing.

She graduated with Humans, a fine art film which as a form lays between video art and observational documentary with an anthropological approach. The film was selected and awarded in festivals around the world. Among them it was selected in the catalogue of the Short Film Corner of Cannes Film Festival 2019.

Her work is based on experiential observation and emerges organically through research. The main themes of her work, are issues of identity. She explores how the environment in which the individual belongs reflects parts of identity.

Currently, she is working on her next film project ‘The houses’, a film about a young woman who is wondering into the city of Athens looking for a flat. The film explores the question 'what is home' and, set the infinite searching of residence as a process of self determination.


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