The ‘not being’, the ever changing, 2014, clay

The ‘not being’, the ever changing, 2014, clay

'That which it came from', mixed media, 2014


"Reason is the part of the intellect that perceives the eternal being, which has no genesis," says Timaeus, and continues: "In contrast to this, the non-being, the changeable, is perceived only through thought and the irrational sense."

The connection between 'the eternal being' and 'the changeable' is the theme of this work. It began by observing the mechanism of engraving. Beyond  the engraved prints, I became interested in the matrix from which they emerge, and I saw diptych matrix-print as one piece of work. I wanted to capture this relationship in a sculptural act, paralleling the mechanisms of these two art forms.

Calliopi Beku

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