'Humans', short film, 9'53'', 2018 - teaser



A keen observation of animals in captivity turns into a deeper reflection about what it is to be human.


Director's Note

The project stemmed from the desire to interact, observe and record with my camera animals in captivity, in the places where they are usually found, such as zoos and aquariums, but also amusement parks filled with their depictions. The narrative emerged through the process of observation and is about the experience of the condition itself: Humans and animals interact within their confined space. Through editing I wanted to create a flowing ritual, at the end of which the viewer will see the imagery as a reflection of their human nature and, through sensation rather than cognition, realize that animals and humans form an organic whole.



OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, India 2019

BEST DIRECTION AWARD at Global India International Film Festival, India 2019 - Experimental Short Film

BEST STORY AWARD at M N Movie International Short Film Festival, India 2018 - Wildlife Short Category



Athens School of Fine Arts - Degree Show 2019

Short Film Corner - Cannes Film Festival 2019


Official Selections:

2020 / Varese International Film Festival, Varese, Italy

2019/ Move Cine Arte, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Films on Art

2019 / FEST New Directors/New Films Festival, Portugal, Experimental Non-Narrative Short Films Category

2019 / Tulum World Environmental Film Festival, Mexico, Ocean and Wildlife Conservation

2019 / Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival, Italy, International Film Contest on Sustainability

2019 / Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, India,

2019 / Dublin Independent Film Festival, Ireland

2019 / Goa Short Film Festival, India, Experimental Category

2019 / Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, India

2019/ Global India International Film Festival, India, Experimental Short Film

2019 / First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, Short Documentary Content

2019 / Model N Movie International Short Film Festival, India, Wildlife Short

2019 / Independent Talents Int. Film Festival, USA, Video Art Category

2019 / Moscow Shorts, Russia, Experimental Shorts

2019 / Little Islands Festival, Greece

2019 / Las Vegas Global Film Festival, USA

2019 / The Next Level International Film Festival, Sydney,
Australia, 'Weird and Wonderful' Category

2019 / Los Angeles CineFest, Experimental Category

2019 / FESTPRO Film Festival, Moscow, Russia, Short films Category

2018 / Miami Independent Film Festival, USA, Student Films under 10 minutes

2018 / Inshort Film Festival, Nigeria - Short film Category

2018 / Blue Danube Film Festival, Experimental Category, Austria

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